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All ticket sales go through

Included in the weekend pass:

  • 2 day lift ticket at Sigló ski resort.

  • Entrance to the Red Bull chill zone with music and other good stuff during Saturdays competition

  • Free entrance to the aprés ski party and freeride movie night at Segull 67 on Friday. 

  • Free entrance to the Redbull after party at Kaffi Rauðka on Saturday. 

  • Good deals on drinks over the weekend

  • Entrance to the Friday fun competition in the ski hill for those who wish to take part.

  • Entrance to the main Freeride competition on Saturday (those competing, remember to register!!) 

  • Discount for accommodations at Salt guesthouse during the weekend. 

  • Fun times!!!!

Junior discount code: JUNIOR

  • Only for junior riders

  • Do not have access to the Redbull after party on Saturday evening

Discount code for those who have lift tickets at Sigló resort or do not need a lift ticket


  • Does not include any lift tickets!!

  • otherwise same as regular weekend pass 

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